I almost don’t want to correct her

Posted on October 19, 2012


I am a very literal-minded person. I’m like Bones on the TV show, except I’m only above average, not a genius. Certain kinds of humor are a bit beyond me, because I don’t get it off the bat and once you stop and analyze it’s not that funny any more.

Princess Fartypants takes after me in this respect at times. In retrospect hearing myself trying to explain a joke to her is just kind of pathetic.

I was, as a child, an insufferable know-it-all. In many ways I still am, but as a parent I expect my child to take me at my word and believe the world is as I say it is because I said so. Bless her heart, she doesn’t. We’re working on the difference between disrespect and calling someone honestly on a mistake, as well as accepting correction gracefully, because no one is perfect.


This was my idea.

Today, Princess Fartypants felt it necessary to explain to me that she was using starcasm.

I almost didn’t want to correct her. I did anyway, and she tried wrapping her mouth around the properly elocuted word, managed it once, then declared that she was using starcasm.

Sometimes, a child’s speech is just better enjoyed than corrected.

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