Posted on October 22, 2012


Ten ways to procrastinate on a paper during fall break at law school:

1. Wash dishes.
If I don’t, my husband will eventually.

2. Play Risk as part of math/geography for nine year old’s homeschooling.
This game is taking a long, long time.

3. Do yard work.
Really, we can’t afford to pay someone to do it, and the landlord was threatening to hire someone at our expense.

4. Do laundry.
It never, never ends.

5. Start a new blog.
Because it’s a new way to waste time practice networking.

6. Read new Supreme Court decisions that have nothing to do with my paper’s topic.
Law school has warped my brain enough that I actually find SCOTUS opinions entertaining.

7. Catch up on backlogged episodes of favorite TV shows.
I gave up television at the start of the semester, before my brain was fried.

8. Change diapers.
My active toddler would as soon I didn’t.

9. Interact with friends and family.
A social life is something I probably don’t have time for.

10. Respond to emails, read blogs, and check my favorite discussion boards.
All the distractions, one mouse-click away from Westlaw.

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