Thank you, Torts Professor!

Posted on October 25, 2012


I don’t really like Torts much. Everything in the casebook makes me either angry at how many people are really big assholes, or angry at how many people are really big whiners, and I am continually dismayed at how often the legal solutions found to deal with both are utterly unsatisfactory.

Today, my Torts professor cold-called me for the first time. That’s actually rather nice, as it’s over halfway through the semester, so the odds that he’ll get around to me again before the end are fairly slim. I think he waited so long because I’m a 2L, so it’s not as much fun to make me squirm as it is the 1L’s. (1L and 2L are Law-school lingo; 1L’s are in their first year.) The way this particular professor jumped in on the very first day of class was actually rather entertaining with a year of law school under my belt. I was starting to wonder if he was going to bother calling on me at all. I sit in the front row and raise my hand way too often; he can’t have missed my presence.

Like this, but with less hair.

Today, he finally got around to me.

Who, me?

“Blah de blah what are the facts of this case, Mr. (Lastname)? Did I get that right?”

Out loud, I did a reasonable job of recalling the facts even though I read it like two weeks ago and am still on week three of the class as far as writing up briefs.

Inside, I was more like this:

Yeah! I am the man!

He’s not the first person to “sir” me. He IS the first person to get it when I’ve been in his presence for more than a few minutes. It really made my day.

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