Sampling the gender porridge

Posted on October 30, 2012


Once there was a little child who was ordered to eat a bowl of girly porridge. It was cold and didn’t taste quite right, so the child sneaked a taste of the boy porridge. The child liked it, but got a burnt tongue and a heap of shame for the trouble. There wasn’t any other porridge in the house, so the child choked down the girly porridge year after year, until one day the child went searching for something–anything–else to eat.

Someone told the child–now an adolescent–the problem might not be the porridge. It could be the child was sitting in the wrong chair. The hetero chair the child had always been expected to sit in, when it came to it, was boring and squishy. So the adolescent tried out a different chair. The chair on the other end of the table seemed an exciting place to sit, but the gender porridge was still cold and didn’t taste right, and the chair was too hard and rigid. Unlike the porridge, which only came in two varieties, there were other chairs, and after wandering around and trying several, the adolescent finally found one that was just right.

The comfy chair was nice, but it didn’t improve the taste of the porridge. Year after year, the adolescent–now a parent with two little children–choked down the cold girly porridge. The parent would stare in mystified wonder and consternation as the older of the children, who ate the girly porridge too, scarfed it down with zeal.

Then one day, when the parent’s son was too full of his porridge, he insisted that his parent eat some, in that insistent way toddlers have of sharing whether you want them to or not. It was still too hot, but by mixing in just a little of the girly porridge, the parent found it cooled off enough to be quite tasty.

From then on, the parent made his own porridge his own way, and it was just right.

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