Posted on October 31, 2012


This summary by Jennifer Clifford of answers to common questions and misconceptions around polyamory is spot on.

Pearls and Pentagrams

There are a lot of interesting opinions about polyamory and how it does or should work. Today I’m going to address my Big Five.

1. Poly people have all the answers.
I get asked for a lot of relationship advice, and while I am always happy to listen and offer my perspective I do not possess any personal gnosis or insider information. I’m not poly because I’m better at relationships, and being poly doesn’t make me better at relationships. This is not a “practice makes perfect” scenario. While I may have more opportunity to make and learn from mistakes I continue to encounter new complexities and issues in each relationship I have. No two people are the same, no two couples are the same, and no two issues are the same. Poly does not mean we’ve memorized some magic key or mastered some kind of high level skill. We’re just…

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