How Alice Tortures Her Friends

Posted on November 2, 2012


For years and years, my dear friend Alice has been telling me her tales. She is a great writer, and even in middle school had a knack for characterization.

Yo, Dude!

She subtly uses this talent to torment me, her bestest friend. When I was in the Navy, she would send me letters and then emails, with a chapter or two of her latest story. Over the years, she has used her ability to make me impatient as a gauge for how well the story is going. As I’ve gotten older and more discriminating, she’s kept up (or stayed ahead), and has a savvy knack for pacing.

Now, she  may just get around to submitting her work for publication one of these decades. Until then, I feel privileged to be her sounding board and will continue to enjoy the state of perpetual frustration.

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