Obligatory Election Results Post

Posted on November 7, 2012


I started my morning like a good student, by quietly reading for Criminal Procedure for forty minutes. Then the alarm I set to wake Princess Fartypants yesterday went off. I set the alarm because I left the house early to go to the polls, and apparently no one actually turned it off, just snoozed it into submission.

Once buried in a pile of children (how only two of them have this ability defies physics), I switched on the TV to find out the election results.

So, President Obama was re-elected. Yay!

Jeff Flake won the Arizona seat in the senate that was up for grabs. (Alice, can I borrow your sad pony?)

Kyrsten Sinema may have won my Congressional District. The last numbers I saw indicated she was ahead by 2100 votes. My vote actually counted in a way that mattered. Yay!

Sheriff Joe “pink underwear” Arpaio was re-elected yet again. Even the combination of the Dem and the Independent running against him was less than his vote total. Another win for the sheltered, privileged, and clueless. This guy is one of the reasons why I want to be a public defender.

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