My Public Service for the Day

Posted on November 9, 2012


Today, Snort, Princess Fartypants, and I went to the Arizona Museum of Natural History.


Rocking pteranodon

When we got there, there were a couple of school buses full of kids from Queen Creek there already, on a school field trip. They were buzzing around in groups of six or so, with an adult chaperone for each group. As we trailed through in their wake (they cleared out about an hour after we got there), we found much evidence of their passing. In particular, all the giant floor puzzles had been left put together instead of returned to their pottery jar containers, most of the pans used to pan for gold were floating in the lower part of the water area (the part with signs admonishing people to stay out of the water), and all the fossils had been unburied in the fossil pit covered in rubber tire mulch. I took apart puzzles and re-buried fossils. someone else did beat me to the gold pans. However, I did these things not so much because the mess annoyed me, but because those poor chaperones had their hands full just keeping their charges in groups. As someone who has sent a child on several field trips without me, I feel for them and owe a bit of public debt over it (though it wasn’t the same school district as Princess Fartypants’ part-time program). I did it not just for my own kids, but for whoever came through the exhibits behind us. So if you were at the museum today in the late afternoon, or your kid was there on a field trip today, you’re welcome. Please pay it forward.

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