Dear Texas (And Arizona) Secessionists

Posted on November 15, 2012


I am not a Texan myself, but grew up there and was subjected to the standard amount of Texas State History and Government inflicted on K-12 and university students. I’ve also learned a few things in law school, and lived in Arizona. Arizonans are almost as crazy, collectively, as Texans.

If Texas was to secede:

–All the military bases and related jobs, plus all other Federal-contract-dependent industries, would be pulled out of the state, leaving you with only the Texas National Guard and Texas Rangers.
–Every penny of federal aid that allows you to keep that shiny balanced budget will be gone.
–Everyone with half a brain to whom American citizenship means something important will leave.
–Even Gov. Perry thinks you’re nuts, and speaking of the Governor
–You’ll need an executive with capabilities to match his (or her) new powers.
Good Luck With That.

Texas at least has somewhat legal ground for secession, based on having been an independent nation for a few years after stealing Texas from Mexico. Though as far as I know, your re-entry to the union after the Civil War was on the same terms as the other Confederate states, so maybe not.

To Arizonans wishing to secede:
Please save the rest of us the trouble and just move to Mexico. Since U.S. sovereignty over Arizona is based upon the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, in which it was ceded to the U.S. by Mexico, if the U.S. relinquished that sovereignty, it would rightfully revert to Mexico–and there might well be a large faction of people advocating for that to happen.

Not to mention, if you did manage to steal the state, you’d have a bunch of very annoyed Indian Nations expecting you to honor the treaties they made with the U.S.–assuming none of them decide to declare their own autonomy.

In general, anyone who really wants out, feel free to renounce your citizenship. Then leave, because you know how Americans feel about undocumented aliens.

Say, maybe we just transfer citizenship from those who don’t appreciate it to those who would!

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