Sing A Song of Streptococcus

Posted on November 20, 2012


We are on the downhill stretch of a running battle with this miserably familiar foe:


Snort has been congested and coughing for a week, after two days last week with a fever and a little bit of vomiting. I missed a full day of classes to stay home with him last Tuesday.

Princess Fartypants was the next one stricken, and started with congestion and a sore throat, advancing to fever and bucket-hugging misery for most of the weekend–except when she was feeling better so I let her go play. Sorry, parents of her neighborhood friends.

By the time we made it to the doctor Monday afternoon, Princess Fartypants had chest congestion, Snort was confirmed as having an ear infection, and I had a sore throat and impending sinus infection.


So, we’ve got antibiotics for three, and The Man will probably need some, too. The Woman hopefully doesn’t get sick, because it could cost her job this time of year, and she has no health insurance because Governor Brewer sucks.

I’m in class even though I’m still sick, because one day was one too many, and my health does not rate as a priority above passing my classes. The Man is taking his turn missing class to stay home with Princess Fartypants, unless he talked The Woman into watching her on her last day off before Black Month And A Half In Retail Hell.

Thankfully, we’ll all 3 be all better in time for Thanksgiving!

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