Countermajoritarian Tuesday: a critical race theory take on gun control

Posted on November 27, 2012


I’ve noticed that many, many bloggers post on Mondays, while relatively few post on Tuesdays. I’ve decided to counter the majority trend by posting today–and in the countermajority spirit, to bring up something serious (unlike a majority of my posts thus far, which have tried to be funny).

Today’s topic: a critical look at gun control law. Below is a link to a video rounding up different viewpoints, including a critical race theory view coming from the right of the standard, usually at least a little race-conscious, liberal take on the issue.

A particular point was that not only have gun control laws historically been structured to keep guns out of the hands of subordinate minority groups, but some current laws still do. Most notably, the prohibition on keeping firearms when you live in public housing–this despite close scrutiny finding that in “high crime” public housing projects, the actual residents tend not to be the ones committing the crimes, but rather are disproportionately victimized.

I thought it was particularly telling that neither white guy involved in the video discussion (one from each side of the gun issue) understood the point of the critique, because they were unable to get past the notion that if a law is facially neutral, it cannot have racist effects. HuffPost Live: Do Gun Control Laws Infringe Upon The Rights Of African Americans? – The Huffington Post

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