Jim DeMint: Quitter and Liar

Posted on December 11, 2012


Senator Jim DeMint has announced that he is resigning from the Senate. He was serving his second term, having just been re-elected by the votors of South Carolina in 2010 . He’s made a lot of noise about feeling he’d done all he could in the Senate, he can do more good working for the Heritage Foundation, and so on. His excuses, however, amount to one huge pile of dung.

My reasons for thinking so have absolutely nothing to do with his political stance. From that viewpoint, I’m inclined to say good riddance. The Senate will be a better place without him. South Carolina can send a trained chimpanzee and it might help get more done.

My reason is because he is a quitter. People serving in political office should no more be able to quit because they’re tired of the job than active duty members of the military. It’s one thing to resign from an elected office because your health is failing, or because you’ve been chosen as a candidate for a higher election like Sarah Palin was. It’s another to just quit and leave your constituents hanging, either unrepresented, represented by someone appointed rather than elected, or with a need to spend money on what should be an unnecessary special election.

DeMint ran for re-election for a six year term just two years ago. In so doing, he was promising voters he would remain in the Senate for another six year term. That’s what we should reasonably be able to expect of our elected officials.

Everyone talks about term limits as a way of reigning in individual power in Congress. Perhaps what we need are term commitments. People serving in elected office should be there to do the work of the office and represent their constituencies, not just to do the work of their political parties and serve their own ideologies. People like DeMint might be less attracted to public office if it came with real commitment.

At the very least, Senator DeMint should be impeachable for breach of duty and stripped of his Congressional retirement benefits–which he gets because he served in excess of five years.

Those who voted him into office should think twice about voting for his ilk again.  Regardless of party affiliation, we need more statesmen and fewer political ideologues in elected office.

Bio Photo for Sen. DeMint (Full)

offical bio photo for Senator Liarface DeMint



You can read about it here: http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424127887324640104578163160772139572.html

Details about Congressional benefits are here: http://usgovinfo.about.com/od/uscongress/a/congresspay.htm

Official biographical information about Senator DeMint is here: http://www.demint.senate.gov/public/index.cfm?p=AboutJim

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