I’m Still Here

Posted on January 8, 2013


A new year, a new leaf, a new semester and a new routine. I took a break from blogging, theoretically to spend more time with the kids and get craft projects done. Really, most of the time was displaced playing Civilization III and Angry Birds Star Wars.


I think these birds are bound for the Dark Side in their quest for revenge.

For the new year, I have no writing-heavy classes, in part because the classes I need to be Rule 38 certified for next summer are all I’m taking (lets me actually do lawyer stuff under supervision of a real attorney). We’ve tweaked Princess Fartypants’ schoolwork as well, for a more interest-driven approach to writing. She’s going to have more posts on her blog in the near future.

We had a lovely Yule, with plenty of chances to get together with friends and family, and burned our Yule Wreath on the 4th because of burn restrictions (and one more day delay because someone actually drank all the Peppermint Schnapps).

I officially started a diet the day before Christmas, just because I think New Years’ Resolutions are a bit lame. Less lame are oaths taken for the new year, which I don’t take lightly. This year, I swore to keep holy days all year round–something I tend to be slack on when it’s just me, but it’ll be good for Princess Fartypants now that she’s getting older and understands more.

So that’s my New Year’s update. Wassail, y’all!




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