Pink Is for Shoes

Posted on June 15, 2013


Snort is two. The mind of a two year old can be unfathomable at times. He has just recently started asserting preferences in what clothing he is to wear. Fortunately, he likes bright colors, as that’s what I tend to buy for him. He has an assortment of vivid Hawai’ian shirts, in addition to the usual palette of boy clothes. I think orange is the color that suits him best, but nearly every hue has found its way into his wardrobe.

He owns a pink polo shirt, which I bought for his Ostara outfit to coordinate with his sister’s sundress. He flatly refuses to wear it, though he’ll happily don other colors in polo style. His favorite shirts are a faded hand me down Spiderman shirt, a lime green Hawai’ian shirt with sharks, surfboards, and VW vans on it, and a blue T-shirt with a baseball-wielding robot on it.

Shoes are another matter. He frequently borrows his sister’s rain boots, which are pink and black. These are his water shoes.

They aren’t hand me downs. We tried them on him because I couldn’t find a pair that fit in the “boy” colors at our Walmart. Once I had the right size, I asked him to choose his favorite color pair, figuring if he chose the blue-and-green boys’ color, I could pick them up in the right size from another Wal-mart without having to have him along.

He chose these. They clash horridly with his blue swim trunks and red rash guard, but he’s super cute in them and often wants to wear them, whether bound for water play or not.

In Snort’s mind, clearly, pink is for shoes.