Stop Proselytizing to my Kid!

Posted on January 8, 2014


Peers at school–if she tells you your preaching makes her uncomfortable, stop it. Telling someone you don’t want them to go to hell isn’t polite. Be an example of how a Christian should treat others, and you may win a few souls. When Jesus ate lunch with sinners, he didn’t mention hell even once. And you probably don’t want Princess Fartypants to pray for you or make snarky comments about whose God got nailed to a cross and whose has a big hammer (which I haven’t taught her, though it’s so tempting, because that isn’t good hospitality).

Friend’s parents: feel free to pray for my kid in private when she’s not around. Stop doing it in front of her. If you have questions about our beliefs, stop and consider: do you want me to quiz your daughter on religion, or do our rituals while she’s here without discussing your comfort level with it first?

Sister-in-law: you know full well we aren’t raising our kids as Christians. Did you really think I’m going to read a book to my preschooler about the Christian faith-based reasons for celebrating that holiday four days after the Solstice that we so carefully avoid celebrating with your side of the family on the actual day of the 25th? Do I really have to have the same uncomfortable conversation with you I had with your mother when Princess Fartypants was Snort’s age?

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