About Me

I am a law student an attorney. Nothing I say on this blog should be relied upon as legal advice. I rant about a lot of things that are well outside my scope of practice and expertise.

I started this blog while I was in law school, which is my official excuse for why it’s so patchy in how often I post.

Other labels which may identify me: human, parent, spouse, partner, polyamorous, Heathen, queer, transgender(ed), bi/pansexual, polytheist, mom, white, Hispanic, idealist, Democrat, crunchy, liberal, nerd, writer, veteran.

Cast of characters likely to be mentioned in my blog:

Princess Fartypants–my daughter

Snort–my son

The Man–my husband

The Woman–our girlfriend

Man-thing 1 and Man-thing 2–Girlfriend’s sons, aka my stepsons

Assorted extended relatives, including:

The folks back in Texas  (my family)

The In-Laws (Husband’s family)

The Out-Laws (Girlfriend’s family)

The Brother-in-law (Husband’s brother)

The Sister-in-law (Husband’s brother’s wife)

The Baby (the brother-in-law and sister-in-law’s, in any entry 2016 or later).

The Dog (also the brother-in-law and sister in law’s, in any entry 2016 or later).

5 Responses “About Me” →
  1. Thanks for checking out dontunderthinkit, I’m looking forward to see the directions your blog takes! Am I allowed to say, “That’s so Ravin”?

  2. I’m pretty sure we should be friends… 🙂

  3. That is quite a cast of characters.!


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