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Friday Fictioneers: Blue Sky At Night

November 30, 2012


  The ground was so clean, I felt utterly out of place. It almost didn’t seem like a real city. I looked up at the moon, hanging in the blue night sky. I remember when the night sky was black, but that was a faraway sky, the sky from before we moved, the sky above […]

Countermajoritarian Tuesday: a critical race theory take on gun control

November 27, 2012


I’ve noticed that many, many bloggers post on Mondays, while relatively few post on Tuesdays. I’ve decided to counter the majority trend by posting today–and in the countermajority spirit, to bring up something serious (unlike a majority of my posts thus far, which have tried to be funny). Today’s topic: a critical look at gun […]

Daily Prompt: Connect the Dots

November 23, 2012


This one struck me as random enough to be fun. There were no books near me, and the nearest bookshelf had mostly picture books, so I cheated a little and went for the nearest book someone in the house is actually reading: Ten Rules for Living with my Sister, by Ann M. Martin. Princess Fartypants […]

Sing A Song of Streptococcus

November 20, 2012


We are on the downhill stretch of a running battle with this miserably familiar foe: Snort has been congested and coughing for a week, after two days last week with a fever and a little bit of vomiting. I missed a full day of classes to stay home with him last Tuesday. Princess Fartypants was […]

Dear Texas (And Arizona) Secessionists

November 15, 2012


I am not a Texan myself, but grew up there and was subjected to the standard amount of Texas State History and Government inflicted on K-12 and university students. I’ve also learned a few things in law school, and lived in Arizona. Arizonans are almost as crazy, collectively, as Texans. If Texas was to secede: […]

Review of ‘Rock of Ages’ Movie

November 12, 2012


I don’t make time to watch very many movies, and I’ve never been a huge Tom Cruise fan. Back when vampires were cool, it was Brad Pitt I put on my wall, not Tom Cruise. While my best friend swooned over him in Far and Away, my favorite part of that movie was that Colm […]

I Miss NaNoWriMo

November 11, 2012


I participated in NaNoWriMo several years in a row. I have yet to actually hit the goal, but I keep trying. Last year and this, I haven’t been able to commit the time to it, because I am in law school, which is very, very time consuming. My fellow law students’ eyes get wide when […]

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