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October 31, 2012


Originally posted on Pearls and Pentagrams:
There are a lot of interesting opinions about polyamory and how it does or should work. Today I’m going to address my Big Five. 1. Poly people have all the answers. I get asked for a lot of relationship advice, and while I am always happy to listen and…

How the Second Amendment protects hate speech

October 30, 2012


Last week, I attended a debate on hate speech law,the harm caused by hate speech, and whether the U.S. should follow the lead of many European nations in criminalizing such speech. I think both sides had good points, but it brought up another argument to me, when factored in with the issue of gun violence […]

Sampling the gender porridge

October 30, 2012


Once there was a little child who was ordered to eat a bowl of girly porridge. It was cold and didn’t taste quite right, so the child sneaked a taste of the boy porridge. The child liked it, but got a burnt tongue and a heap of shame for the trouble. There wasn’t any other […]

Beauty and the Plot Hole

October 27, 2012


When I heard they were remaking Beauty and the Beast on the CW, I was eager to check it out. I like the starring actress, though I had my doubts that the male lead could possibly fill Ron Perlman’s shoes. When I found out the premise had been revamped to take on aspects of Dark […]

Thank you, Torts Professor!

October 25, 2012


I don’t really like Torts much. Everything in the casebook makes me either angry at how many people are really big assholes, or angry at how many people are really big whiners, and I am continually dismayed at how often the legal solutions found to deal with both are utterly unsatisfactory. Today, my Torts professor […]


October 22, 2012


Ten ways to procrastinate on a paper during fall break at law school: 1. Wash dishes. If I don’t, my husband will eventually. 2. Play Risk as part of math/geography for nine year old’s homeschooling. This game is taking a long, long time. 3. Do yard work. Really, we can’t afford to pay someone to […]

The Oven Saga

October 20, 2012


When we moved into this place seven years ago, there was a nice oven range. It was built into the counter, had electronic controls, and just generally looked satisfactory. No sooner did we move in and try and cook dinner, than we discovered the oven didn’t work. I love to bake and my husband is […]

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